French photographer born in 1988, raised in Paris and based in Athens. Whether my territory is the intimate and the everyday or the travel and the encounter, my work fluctuates between documentary and diary. I assume a vision subjective and emphatic and try to convey emotions more than moments. The past few years I mostly been working on my own story, documenting my experience of endometriosis - a life project. I'm now back on my feet to explore all kind of human being condition and poetic. 

I shoot both digital and film, depending on the need, the project and the mood. I've been taught the secret of printing with Philippe Bachelier and learned the magic of wet plate collodion technique with large format camera, with photographer Melanie-Jane Frey during the War Reporters for Peace project in Visa 2016.

During my photojournalism studies at the Paris Speos Institute of Photography, I had the opportunity to follow the Magnum Photo masterclasses and work with photographers such as Abbas, Patrick Zachmann, Thomas Dworzak and Jacob Aue Sobol. Thanks to them for passing on their knowledge. 

I am currently available for commissions in Greece, France and worldwide.


  • 2021 # Photo Saint Germain, Lusted Men (Paris, FR) 
  • 2019 # One out of Ten, Parlonz'En (Paris, FR)
  • 2018 # Arles Cosmos, Family of No Man (Arles, FR)
  • 2017 # Focus Metropolis, La Soufflerie (Nantes, FR)
  • 2016 # Festival Voies Off, Fotohaus (Arles, FR)  

FR: +33 6 84 44 25 34

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