This hump in the crotch, the detail of a vein that palpitates on the forearm, a drop of sweat on the neck... Photographs of men as objects of desire are rare. Female eroticism has been over-exploited by advertising, photography, cinema, but what about the images produced for women's eyes? Despite a common misconception, women are not only supports of desire, they are also subject to it. So, where are the men's bodies?

Flore Bleiberg, Lucie Brugier and Laura Lafon ask the question and invite photographers to create with them a large collection of male erotic clichés, called Lusted Men. They collect erotic images of men in order to seek pleasures and discover relationships beyond those induced by domination. This project is an answer to their invitation.

Being highlighted, letting oneself be watched, offered for pleasure is an exercise reserved almost exclusively to women. As if the field of eroticism could only be conjugated in the feminine. On the other hand, men are taught to conquer, to act, to keep control, but not to reveal themselves.

In these social and cultural conditions, representing eroticized men is a step aside, a rebellion against gender injunctions. Producing and sharing images that give pleasure to women is subversive and political.

I wanted to take part in Lusted Men to affirm loud and clear, that yes, men are desirable. Let' s make them objects of desire. Because they are.

I therefore invite men to take a step back from the roles assigned to them, by becoming objects of desire, by looking at themselves and letting themselves be looked at. May they experience the intimate and the sensitive by seeking eroticism in themselves. I invite women to get out of the sexual objectification, to open their eyes, look, and enjoy.

In the hope that this project will help to encourage and highlight non-hegemonic representations and views of eroticism and intimacy.

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